Training Net Preamble

North Alabama/Southern-Middle Tennessee SKYWARN Training Net Preamble

Rev. I  07/09/2016 KS4B//JH

Calling all amateur radio operators:

This is_________________ . My name is ___________and I am located in _____________________ County. I am net control station for this Thursday evening,

___________________20 ___ , Session of the North Alabama/Southern-Middle Tennessee SKYWARN training net. (BREAK)

This net meets weekly on Thursday evening of each week at 8:00 P.M local time, and involves the local area link frequency, which links the 147.240 repeater near Huntsville, Alabama, the 147.360 in Section, Alabama, 146.960 repeater near Moulton, Alabama, the 147.340 Repeater near Leighton, Alabama, the 146,820 Repeater in Winchester, Tennessee and the 147.030 Repeater in Park City, Tennessee. (BREAK)

The purpose of this net is to practice net operations similar to those used during emergency activation. When emergency activation is required, based on operation methods outlined in the Standard Operating Proceduresl, this net would activate as the North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee SKYWARN Emergency Net. The purpose of this emergency net is to spot and track severe weather and to provide a communications network that links the counties in North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee to the National Weather Service office in Huntsville, Alabama. The goal of this net is to provide the citizens within the Huntsville NWS Office coverage area with the earliest possible forewarning of severe weather affecting this area. (BREAK)

Be advised that during an actual emergency net, only net liaison stations from each county would check in to this net. Your counties depend highly on your participation in the local county nets. However, since this is a training net, all stations that have not checked in with a local county training net this week  are encouraged  to check in to this training net. If any station needs additional information about this net or needs a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures, please contact Net Control after the net. (BREAK)

This is a directed net and stations may not call other stations without consent and acknowledgement of Net Control.

.This is _______________ , are there any stations with emergency or priority traffic for this net?


At this time I will proceed with the roll call of counties in North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee, in alphabetical order. At the end of the roll call, I will reserve some time for out of area check-ins and late check-ins, as well as any announcements. When you check in, I ask that you check in slowly and clearly, giving your call sign phonetically, your name, your location, that is your city, town or community, and whether or not you have any traffic for this net.

This is______________ with the North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee SKYWARN training net calling:


Colbert County_______________

Cullman County______________

Dekalb County_______________

Franklin County (Al)___________

Franklin County, (TN )_________

Jackson County______________

Lauderdale County___________

Lawrence County____________

Limestone County____________

Lincoln County (TN)__________

Madison County_____________

Marshall County_____________

Moore County (TN)___________

Morgan County______________



This concludes the roll call of counties in the Huntsville National Weather Service Office coverage area. Are there any stations in counties outside that coverage area that wish to check in to this net, please come now. (BREAK)


Are there any stations with announcements for this net, if so, please call now. (BREAK)


This is ____________ control station for the North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee SKYWARN training net. This concludes the regular business for this net, is there anything this net can do for anyone before we close, come now. (BREAK)

Are there any late check-ins? If so call now.

# LATE CHECK-INS _________


# OUT OF AREA ____________


This is_____________ , Net Control Station for the North Alabama & Southern Middle Tennessee SKYWARN Training net and I want to thank all of you who have participated in this net tonight. And I encourage your continued participation in this net. Tonight we had a total of____________ check-ins.

Also remember to visit the North Alabama/Southern Middle Tennessee Skywarn Website,  that is full of information, all things SKYWARN, including our SKYWARN History, Standard Operating Procedures, Weather Information, a News Blog, and much more … visit www (dot) N A L S W (dot) net.

This is___________________ now closing this session of the North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee SKYWARN training net and I will shortly be returning the linked repeaters back to their normal amateur use, 73 and good evening to the net.


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